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Images are sourced from WSC, Australia,  Bart van Overbeeke Photography and respective teams participated in previous events


Solar Challenge India

Anyone from a technical educational institution or otherwise can take the lead, form a team, design and make an electric car powered by solar panels to make an expedition of 3000+ kms from Kerala to Kashmir. 


Or make one, like F1 car, which can be tested in a racing track to find the speed limits.  

SuryaKranti will enable Indian teams to qualify and compete in different solar car races, like World Solar Challenge, Australia. 



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October 2019 saw the 15th edition of the toughest solar race event in the world from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia.  The distance is more than 3000 kms.  Hand made concept vehicle with design innovations and implementation of technological advancements as per the rules and regulations are testing the limits of human endeavour.     

Let's organise a similar event in India to enable teams to take up such international challenges.  This will support the teams to build industry collaborations with component suppliers, R&D inputs from organisations like ISRO, DRDO, CSIR for application of technology for societal problem solving and incubation of startup organisations in the electric mobility and allied areas.      


The organisational complications will have to be learned from World Solar Challenge to help to hold a similar event in India.


As an observer / volunteer who travelled with the teams, live articles, photos and videos will be updated in the blog.


You are invited to visit the blog and social media coverage to get yourself updated on the latest news about SuryaKranti Solar Challenge India. 


Organising Committee

SuryaKranti is a project undertaken by 'Green Doctors' under Swadeshi Science Movement Keralam which is a part of Vijnana Bhrati, a nation wide movement for the popularisation of India's rich scientific heritage.  


Our mission is to organise an event in India equally challenging as World Solar Challenge for the students from technical educational institutions and startup organisations.

Our objective is to bring together academics, industry and government agencies to enable the 3000 + km expedition from Kerala to Delhi using solar powered electric cars.

We have formed an Organising Committee for this purpose and the event is rolled out as per the timeline: 

Early bird registration - till 31 Jan 2020

Boot camp for teams - 15 Feb 2020

Registration of teams - till 31 March 2020

Event - 14 to 24 March 2021

Closing ceremony - 28 March 2021