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Controlling Climate Change and keeping the global average temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius will require fundamental changes in the way people live and use energy in cities. In addition to promoting public transport, cities also need to increase bicycle facilities and pedestrian infrastructure. Survival of life on earth is only possible if very drastic changes are brought about very soon (in the next 5 - 10 years).

Covid pandemic has pushed people to the edge and many societies around the world have seen a sudden jump in the use of cycles as a safe mode of transport in urban areas.  This is because the use of public transport systems, like buses, metro, trains, taxis etc. may cause the spread of the virus while cycling is allowing safe distances. 

But, it is essential to have safe cycling paths for commuters in city limits, and sufficient planning is required to ensure such an infrastructure.  We could do this in Kochi city limits with smaller interconnected roads earmarked as cycle paths without much investment.  The rides being organised on Sunday, 4 June will enable cycle users to suggest roads that are to be converted into cycle paths.  Such a people's movement will help to create a Master Plan and the same can be finalised for implementation by the administration. 

This is a voluntary, not-for-profit project initiative taken up by Mithradham Renewable Energy centre with support from different organisations, colleges and cycling clubs.


  • Safe cycle paths in the city are essential to attract more daily commuters to use cycling as a mode of transport.

  • Existing smaller roads can be converted into cycling paths and a network of such paths crisscrossing the city has to be known to the general public. 

  • All safety features, such as speed limit for other vehicles, fenced cycle paths, signages and proper signalling systems at the junctions are to be implemented by the district authorities.

  • Cycle rides on Sunday 4 June and subsequent Saturdays / Sundays will enable participants to suggest practical solutions to establish a cycling path in the city. 

  • A Master plan with all the inputs will be submitted to the authorities to enable them to implement the project with the least investment from the treasury.  

Organised by

  • Nature Clubs

  • NSS units of different colleges

  • Environmental organisations

  • Cycling clubs

  • Fitness Centres and other NGOs 

The events will follow strict Covid protocols and other government regulations implemented at the time of each of the events.  If travel restrictions are in place, the event may be postponed to next Saturday / Sunday.  

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