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  • Santhosh Thannikat

Volunteers help to organise the event

Updated: May 5, 2019

Most of the international (sporting) events, including Olympics, are organised with the active support from volunteers.


"​For Observer Registration we would need you to be in Darwin by Friday 11th October.  You will be provided accommodation from your arrival in Darwin, but will need to be self sufficient for camping down the route with teams.  Most Observers bring their own swag or small tent.  Then when you arrive in Adelaide we will have accommodation on that end in a Backpackers. 

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Awards are on Sunday 20th October and then all Observers depart Adelaide on 21 October."

Super excited!

This is what I was waiting for, when I applied for volunteer opportunity to various Olympics events in the past.  For WSC, my ('bucket list') plan was to take part in the Adventure Cruise category sometime when I have the capacity to afford it.  But, when I got this opportunity, I was really happy. 

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