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  • Santhosh Thannikat

Let's organise it in India

Updated: May 5, 2019

World Solar Challenge

Objective of organising this event in India:

* prohibitively expensive for Indian teams to participate in the Australian competition.  The winning team from Indian colleges, can be 'sponsored' to send to WSC. 

* since there are many engineering colleges in India, such events would boost the skills required among students - such as creativity, innovation, multi disciplinary team work, problem solving and competitive spirit.  It will also enhance the scientific spirit of the researchers in India 

* this would support the automotive industry which is fast transforming into electric vehicles with ample number of technically skilled personnel, innovative ideas and overall competitiveness in the international market.        

Preparations for the event has to be started at-least one year prior to the competition date, so that the teams would get enough time to prepare for the same.  We need to get clearance and support from different government departments for the smooth conducting of the event.  

It is possible to get the technical support from WSC and joint branding of the event, if required.  We don't have to 'reinvent the wheel'.  At the same time, we can create it as a stand alone competition as well.

When the event is an international competition, the earlier participants of WSC need to be attracted to India, so that we can learn from their expertise in the field.  There are many engineering colleges in India that would take part in the event and test their endurance with the students from abroad.  

Since most of the roads in the Australian competition is going through desert with little traffic, the participants are relatively safer on that route.  But, here in India, we need to be extra vigilant on the safety of the participants and their vehicles in the crowded roads. 


Camping sites are used in Australia during the competition, while in India, we could use the University / college campuses in the proposed route.  

The event can be organised by Swadeshi Science Movement of India (or similar organisations) and I can volunteer to take a lead in its management committee. 

Hope to get support from the following organisations and institutions: 

* Ministry of Non Renewable Energy

* Ministry of Education

* Ministry of Tourism

* Institutions like IITs, NITs, National Institute of Solar Energy and other interested Universities / colleges

* Private companies like Mahindra, Aditya Birla, Gayam, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland etc.   Organisations such as CII (Young Indians), SIAM, AIESEC India, IEEE India, etc.      

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