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To make India the global e-mobility hub by instilling the spirit of innovation in our youth through enhanced academia-industrial partnerships, thereby enhancing indigenous industrial growth supported by domestic innovations.


  • To enhance engineering and managerial skills of youth in India by challenging them to solve global problems requiring the highest competency levels.

  • To advance engineering and technological skills of young people from India through this challenging competition with technical specifications matching international standards.

  • To encourage industrial units to collaborate with academia to share their products and services for the innovations in design, science and applied technology.

  • To developing partnerships between industrial R&D centers & technical institutions for helping students succeed in solving challenges.


  • To enhance the skill-sets required to innovate, design and come out with solutions to real-life challenges among young people

  • To support the winning team to take part in the international competitions like WSC, Australia and other such events

  • To promote technologies connected with solar power generation, storage technologies and motor functions connected with Electric Vehicles

  • To encourage industry alliance with educational institutions and R&D centers
  • To bridge the gap between the Indian workforce and industry with that of other nations

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