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Funding Options

​The designing, building and running of the solar powered electric vehicle is an expensive task.  The funds for the project can be mobilised by the teams through the following methods:

  • Own funds

  • Technical institution / University support 

  • OEM Component manufacturers to supply their products at reduced price or for free

  • Grants or subsidies from DST / MNRE / Atal Innovation Mission and other governmental agencies

  • Training and workshop support from SCGJ / ASDC

  • Financial support from organisations like IEEE, IEI, etc. 

  • In-kind facility support (lab testing, moulding, construction, logistics etc)  

  • Philanthropic support from Alumni of the institution

  • Branding / sponsorship from any corporate houses

  • Government support in the form of seed capital if registered under Startup Missions

  • Angel / VC funding, if any innovation in product development is targeted  

  • Crowd funding mechanisms through social media promotions

  • Selling of merchandise (t-shirts, caps, bags etc) to support the team 

  • International collaboration with foreign teams to build the vehicle jointly (at a reduced price tag in India)

As organisers, we will support the teams through conducting workshops, boot camps, preparation of marketing proposals, contacts with corporate funding sources and mentoring.  Please feel free to contact us if you find it difficult to generate funds for the project.

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