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Details of the Challenge

  • The planned route for the Cruiser Class challenge is from Kochi (Kerala) to Delhi covering around 3000 + km with control stops and overnight stays in designated places. 

  • Another class of vehicles - Challenger - will run in the racing track of Buddh International Circuit to test their speed and endurance 

  • Teams will have to make their own cars. Retrofitting of existing / old car models are not allowed.

  • It has to be powered with solar panels, stored in batteries and run with electric motors.

  • The vehicles must be tested for roadworthiness and other safety features. If disqualified in this stage, the team will not be allowed to participate.

  • Teams will have to be following the deadlines given.

  • All teams, including their vehicles, need to be present at the closing ceremony.

  • Apart from winning team, others can also attempt to go for international competitions, including WSC, Australia.

  • Map shown below is an indication only.  Final route details will be given to Team leaders by April 2020. 

Indicative route map


Racing Track

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