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India is on the threshold of a revolutionary shift to Electric Vehicles and a time line has been declared by the central government.  Alternative energy sources are to be tapped to become self reliant, especially with abundant supply of solar power.   

We need to enhance the technical skills of human resources and innovations should lead to indigenous industrial growth.  Engineering and other technical educational institutions can take up the challenge to be a part in this event.  Various OEM component suppliers will be able to facilitate the teams to compete and in the process they could learn to improvise their product development cycle.    

The research and development organisations in India which can support the teams to test their new discoveries.  In the process, we can expect to see several local products reaching to the market.   

Overall, more than just a competition, this is envisaged as an ecosystem development activity for which a consortium of different stakeholders are coming together to the successful execution of the project.  

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